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Educational Scheme

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Empowering the less fortunate victims of Child Abuse by enrolling them in the school scholarship schemes:

Education is very important in our society. Every child deserves to go to school. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa, Government fails to provide free education for people, while under economic depression, many parents cannot afford the school fees for their children. Under these circumstances, these children have no choice than to be left on the hands of those that will abuse them, and in an effort to survive, they engaged themselves in different kinds of dirty jobs, games, thievery and in among bad gangs, thereby becoming a mess and a threat to the society wherein.

Under these dispensations, the ONG Le Miracle wished to perform miracles in their life, by arranging scholarship schemes, to encourage and sponsor these children to acquire at least and more, the basic education, thereby putting smiles on their faces, which in future will not be a burden and a mess to the society.