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Health Care Services

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Health disparities are differences in health status when compared to the general population, often characterized by indicators such as higher incidence of disease and disability, increased mortality rates, lower life expectancies, and higher rates of pain and suffering.

Rural risk factors for health disparities include geographic isolation, lower socioeconomic status, higher rates of health risk behaviours, and limited job opportunities. Higher rates of chronic illness and poor overall health are found in rural communities when compared to urban populations.

Several studies have shown that rural residents are older, poorer, and have fewer physicians to care for them. This inequality is intensified as rural residents are less likely to have employer-provided health care coverage, and if they are poor, often are not covered by Medicaid.

Federal and state agencies and membership organizations are working to reduce these disparities and improve the health and overall well-being of rural people. Some provide funding, information, and technical assistance to be used at the state, regional, and local level, while others inform state and federal legislators to help them understand the issues affecting population health and health care in rural people.

Despite all these efforts, many in rural areas in Benin, Togo Nigeria, Niger, and Senegal are dying due to ignorance, lack of funds and Medical equipment. ONG Le Miracle volunteered to extend a miraculous hand to these areas. Can you support these program?