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Our Story

Who We Are.

Our Story

ONG Le Miracle is an independent, non-governmental organization. It’s a national initiative to inspire and equip young and old, especially the downtrodden, in pursuit and achievements of life goals and encouraging them to become agents of change in the society.
We believe it is an economic and moral imperative to create new opportunities for our young people – many of whom are eager to engage and take on new challenges but haven’t yet been able to figure out how. In an effort to inspire short and long-term change, we are working harder and smarter than ever to offer meaningful programs and ensure a smooth transition to a permanent post – le miracle adult roles.
This empowerment program started in 2015 and was fully in operation in 2018.


ONG Le Miracle believes in the potential of the youth and we create innovative leadership and mentoring programs to help empower them to be self reliant and active problem solvers. We sensitized youths/children and the less privileged ones on how to acquire basic skilled works. We connect undeserved youth to knowledge and opportunities to help them become resilient community leaders who address local challenges with a view to becoming active participants in the global economy.

Our Mission

To create entrepreneurship programmes that educates, informs and establish youths and less privileged ones.

Our Vision

To fight against unemployment by empowering youths and less privileged ones to acquire basic skilled works, combating different forms of violence against women and children.
80% of children living in institutions have a living relative. We make every effort to reunite these children with their birth family, if possible.
For abandoned children without family — our measurable, systematic method ensures that children are loved, educated, healthy and safe until they transition to a permanent family.
We actively collaborate with governments, other non-profits and local family-strengthening organizations to transform systems and give children a voice.